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Gianluca Paolazzi

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Jiuzhaigou album

Moving in one of the biggest region in China in both term: surface covered and population, Sichuan, famous also for the spicy food such as hot pot and many others. The region is the natural habitat for the most Chinese iconic animal, the giant panda… Read more

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Yangshuo album

Continuing on the sharing, today place can be part of the same trip to Longji. The best is to stop first in Yangshuo (阳朔) and after travel North to Guilin and Longji later on, if not interested to cruise the Li river. Yangshuo is the arrival point… Read more

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Longji album

As part of my sharing experience, I am planning to write post about my past travels. There will be a new post about every month, with a new location and not more than 10 photos to share. The location will be described with some details, the purpose is… Read more

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why black and white?

I am working to revise all my photos and post process all of them again to black and white. The portfolio is online here and more albums are on their way to the www soon. The idea started to come into my mind more than one year ago, when the journey… Read more

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